About Us

Korea Future is an independent non-profit organisation whose mission is to investigate human rights violations in North Korea to support accountability for perpetrators and accelerate justice for victims.

We were established in 2017 to advance a moment where every North Korean can claim their inalienable right to justice. To realise this vision, we investigate, document, and preserve evidence of human rights violations, including the roles of individual perpetrators and the structures of responsible state organisations. Guided by international human rights law, we use our information to report on egregious violations and provide analytical and evidentiary support to local, national, and international justice and accountability actors. To further combat injustice, we build the capacities of rights-holders in the diaspora, particularly women and those creating solutions for a just future. Visit our website to learn more about what we do.

The North Korean Religious Freedom Database contains information from our ongoing investigations. Its objective is to provide an accurate accounting of patterns of documented religious freedom violations perpetrated against North Korean citizens and to inform decision-making in the international community. Specific data is included in a freely-accessible Korea Future report that is available on our website.

This database will next be updated in October 2021. Please contact us to learn more.