Welcome to the North Korean Religious Freedom Database.

This database gives you access to selected and anonymised information on religious freedom violations in North Korea. The information in the database is taken from larger data sets documented and held by Korea Future Initiative.

Information contained in this database is based exclusively on documented violations that we recorded during investigations. Victims of religious freedom violations who were not interviewed for this project may have undergone fundamentally different experiences. Consequently, it should not be inferred that the data contained in this database is representative of the experiences of every North Korean religious adherent.

The database provides information about documented religious adherents in North Korea. What this database does not provide is an estimate of the number of religious adherents in North Korea or an estimate on the number of victims of religious freedom violations in North Korea. Users of this database should take care not to overcount victims or violations. Multiple respondents experienced multiple violations within a single or different event.

How to use the database

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